Your questions answered

Q. What instruments does a string quartet consist of?

A. A string quartet consists of two violins, a viola and a cello.  We also play as a string trio (two violins & cello, or violin, viola, cello) should space or funds be limited.

Q. How do we proceed should we like to book?

A. You will need to get in touch with details of the booking (i.e. date, timings, venue…) and your contact address and phone number.  A Booking Confirmation will then be sent to you for you to sign (one copy to be kept for your records and one to be returned within 14 days). 

Q. Is there a booking fee to pay?

A. Yes, a 20% booking fee is taken on return of the signed Booking Confirmation.

Q. When is the balance due?

A. The balance is due 14 days prior to the date of the event.

Q. How do we go about discussing the music for the day?

A. Music choices are usually discussed over email or phone.  We like all music requests to be finalised two weeks before the date of the function.

Q. Can requests be made outside of your repertoire?

A. Yes, we will endeavour to source any music requests for you.  This can incur an additional fee (i.e. for a special arrangement there would be a charge of about £25+).

Q. How long do you play for?

A. We play in sets of 50-60 minutes.  We can play for any length of booking within reason – we are happy to advise on what a suitable length would be for us to perform at your event.

Q. Will you need to take breaks?

A. Yes, we will usually take a 5-10-minute break after each set (50-60 minutes).  We will endeavour to time our breaks with the day’s schedule where possible (i.e. during speeches).

Q. Do we pay for your playing time or the duration you are required at the function?

A. The fee is based on the duration we are required at the function.  We don’t charge for our set-up time (we arrive 30-40 minutes before we are due to start to set up and liaise with the venue).

Q. What do you wear?

A. We wear smart black but are happy to wear colours/clothing to fit in with any theme being used.

Q. What equipment are we expected to provide you with on the day?

A. We ask that 4 armless chairs are made available for us.  We bring our own music stands. 

Q. Do you play outside?

A. We are happy to play outdoors in the summer months if it is fine and dry!   Should it be too cold, wet or windy we would have to play indoors.  We require suitable protection from the sun (i.e. natural shade or a gazebo) in order to protect the instruments from direct sunlight.

Q. What refreshments are we required to provide?

A. We kindly ask you provide soft drinks (we usually request water), and should the booking be over a mealtime, we ask that food suitable to the time of day is provided.

Q. What happens if one of the players falls ill on the day?

A. We would provide a suitable deputy.  We have a pool of players who play with us regularly and are very familiar with the music.

Q. Do you require a PA system?

A.  We would only need to use a PA system for larger events (200+ guests).  We would liaise with your technical team about this.


Lucy Jones, Violin
Alison Gordon, Violin
Victoria Cecil, Viola
Melissa Dobson, Cello


Dear Lucy,
I just wanted to thank you and the Barber Quartet for your memorable contribution. I can never think of such music as 'background' when it is played so beautifully, and there were times when I wanted everyone to stop talking and listen.

Believe me, your musicianship did not go unnoticed and was noted and appreciated by a good many of our friends and relatives. Thank you so much. It was a lovely day for us made even more enjoyable by your music. Long may the Quartet perform.

Yours Sincerely, Terry & Denise